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New Product Launch – OneComp eBeads

Why is compensation important?

Compensation is necessary when performing flow cytometric analysis due to the overlap of emission spectra from fluorochrome conjugated antibodies. This becomes particularly important as the size of the panel grows and the number of conjugates increases.Fluorescence emitted from each fluorochrome is ideally collected by an individual detector. Compensation removes the fluorescent fluorochrome “spillover” from a neighboring detector.

An example of spectral overlap can be observed between FITC and PE. Fluorescence caused by FITC during a single stain procedure must be subtracted or compensated from the PE detector.

One Comp

One vial + One drop
Compensation Beads for Flow Cytometry

Simplify compensation of fluorochrome spillover in multicolor flow cytometry with a new compensation bead. One vial, one drop, one option, validated with mouse, rat and hamster antibodies, for individual and tandem fluorophores. 

OneComp eBeads are leukocyte-sized, spherical particles that can be stained with individual fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies for use as single-color compensation controls.  Each drop of beads contains a positive population that will capture any mouse, rat or hamster antibody and a negative population that will not react with antibody, which prevents issues with one vial finishing before the other. Download Technical Data.