From the 1st May until 30th June we will be offering 20% off the list price of OET flashBAC kits.

 This includes:

  • flashBAC 3,5,24 reaction kits.
  • flashBAC GOLD 3,5,24 reaction kits.
  • flashBAC ULTRA 3,5,24 reaction kits
  • flashBAC PRIME 3,5,24 reaction kits.

OET specialises in recombinant protein expression. You can try our flashBAC system to obtain enhanced recombinant protein yield and quality or choose from a wide range of ready made recombinant proteins. Our products include...

flashBAC baculovirus expression system &transfer plasmids

MediaTransfection reagents and cell lines

* Ready made recombinant proteins and antibodies (various sources)

Animal component free recombinant proteins and antibodies

Our range builds on our 25 years experience in the field of recombinant protein expression amassed here in Oxford, which led to the invention of the flashBAC system and revolutionised the field of baculovirus based recombinant protein expression. We continue to use our expertise to innovate and introduce new products.