Oxford Expression Technologies Ltd has pleasure in announcing the market launch of baculoFECTIN 11;


baculoFECTIN II Transfection Reagent

Excellent Transfection Efficiency – Easily Produce High Titre Virus Stocks


baculoFECTIN II is a transfection reagent ideally suited for use with insect cell lines.

Although baculoFECTIN II is optimised for use with the flashBAC system in Sf9 insect cells it is compatible with other baculovirus expression platforms and cell lines.


High Efficiency – Effective transfections with reliable reproducibility

High Titre Stocks – Easily produce high titre virus stocks (1 x 108 pfu/ml) ideal for further work and protein expression.


When working with insect cells and the baculovirus expression system the co transfection step is a crucial step which can often cause problems even for the most experienced researcher.

Working with Oxford Expression Technologies you have access to over 20 years of experience with the baculovirus system.


Please contact us if you would like to discuss your co transfection projects or if you have any questions regarding baculoFECTIN II, we would be happy to help.