There are many ways available for testing antioxidant levels in biological samples. Unfortunately, none of them are perfect. Some only measure hydrophilic antioxidants, others miss glutathione. Our popular CUPRAC method solves many of these problems at a very competitive price. It has a wide dynamic range and requires as little as 5 uL of sample. 

Our CUPRAC assay allows you to accurately measure a sample’s total antioxidant activity, which is the sum of the combined antioxidant activities of all of the samples constituents, including vitamins, proteins, glutathione, etc. This method can be used to quantify the antioxidant capacity for a wide range of biological fluids as well as foods, beverages and nutritional supplements.

This novel method has many advantages over the commonly used ORAC assays yet can still be compared with previous ORAC measurements as it uses the same Trolox standard and can be expressed as Trolox equivalents.


Advantages of our Enhanced TBARS Method:

  • Fast results - 41 duplicate samples in minutes
  • Easy to use - non-labor intensive
  • Convenient 96 well format
  • Any liquid can be assayed: serum, tissue culture, food, nutraceuticals
  • Reproducible - consistent high quality performance
  • Low assay sample volumes, only 5 uL needed per well
  • Low cost

 Product Number: TA02