CypExpress™ is a stable dry biocatalytic system containing both an individual recombinant human P450 and recombinant oxidoreductase along with cofactors and antioxidant systems produced in a eukaryotic expression system.

The identification and charachterization of metabolites is a critical step in the process of bringing any new chemical entity to market. Until now, the synthesis and purification of several milligrams of a given P450 metabolite required expensive E. coli recombinant enzymes or liver microsomes which can yield complex product mixtures and involve difficult isolation procedures.

CypExpress™ provides for robust metabolite identification and scale-up production while reducing the time and expense involved. 


  • Coexpressed unmodified full-length human recombinant CYP and oxidoreductase
  • Provided as a dry powder that is stable at room temperature or frozen
  • Reactions can be performed in Tris or Phosphate buffers
  • Can be pelleted and used for multiple reaction cycles
  • Provides clean HPLC profiles for easy metabolite ID and purification
  • Produces much more metabolite faster and at a lower cost

More Information 

    Case Study for CypExpress™ 1A2
    Case Study for CypExpress™ 3A4
    Case Study for CypExpress™ 2C9
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     CypExpress™ 1A2
     CypExpress™ 3A4
     CypExpress™ 2C9
     CypExpress™ 2C19
     CypExpress™ 2D6

    Metabolite Production

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