Nordic-MUbio is pleased to announce the releaseof a new range of products directed against thenative form of GFP.Our new range of anti-GFP antibodies bring a number of advantagesover antibodies produced against recombinant, or variant, forms ofGFP.This includes the ability to detect GFP produced from a wide rangeof different sources, including native, recombinant, and a number ofdifferent mutants, without suffering from high levels of non-specificbinding/background.Part of the reason many anti-recombinant GFP antibodies suffer fromhigh background issues is due to contamination of an innoculumwith other E.coli components, leading to increased non-specificbinding.Our products were tested for cross-reactivity to a wide range ofantigens, including many derived from E.coli, and demonstrated nocross-reactivity. 

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