Nordic-MUbio is dedicated to helping veterinary scientists advance their understanding of animal immunology, helping to safeguard everything from domestic pets to livestock in health and disease.

Our highly validated veterinary immunoglobulin products include a wide range of both host and target species, giving researchers the scope and choice they need.

As in humans, animal immunoglobulins play a huge role in health and disease, with different antibody classes and subclasses indicative of dierent disease states or normalactivity of immunological processes.

This makes animal immunoglobulins of interest and importance to a huge range of research areas from infectious diseases to cancer research.

We know your research needs reliable products that just work. And that’s why we’ve developed a portfolio of veterinary immunoglobulin products with a wealth of validation data, suitable for use as either primary or secondary antibodies andin a range of formats to suit your research needs.

Whether your application is immunoprecipitation, ELISA or immunohistochemistry, if we list it as an application you can be sure that our products will work. Saving you not only money, but more importantly, time and precious sample.

Together with our strict ISO 9001 manufacturing and quality control you can be sure each of our products will work time after time, lot after lot. 

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