Isoprostanes (IsoPs) are radical-mediated byproducts of lipid peroxidation and are widely regarde as the "gold standard" for assessment of oxidative stress in vivo, and multiple studies have shown that normalized values for urinary Isoprostanes correlate very well with plasma values. 

ANALYICAL METHODS: Initially, an IsoP isomer (15F2tIsoP, previously called 8-iso-PGF2α) was analyzed by GC/MS.  Subsequently, LC/MS and immunoassay methods for quantificaion of 15F2tIsoP were reported.  AQlthough results obtained for GC/MS and Oxford's immunoassay show a strong correlation, the former was found to detect 4 isomers sith the same m/z ratio, whereas immunoassays likely detecy 15F2tIsoP as well as some 15F2tIsoP metabolites. 

IsoP METABOLISM:  It is known that 15F2tIsoP is rapidly metabolized by multiple pathways in humans.  In addition to Β-oxidation, a significant quantity (ranging from 20 to 80% depending on the expression of UDP-glucuronyl transferases in a given individual) of 15F2tIsoP is converted to glucuronides.  Given this wide range in metabolism, it is actually surprising that the levels of free urinary 15F2tIsoP correlate well with those in blood

URINARY ISOPROSTANE IMMUNOASSAY METHODS: Immunoassays can be performed quickly and inexpensively AND can be quantitative IF performed properly.  Recent publications have confirmed that Oxford's 15F2tIsoP immunoassay correlates well with results obtained by Gc/MS.  The following table gives the key features of the Oxford 15F2tIsoP method.

Advantages Oxford Biomedical Research
GC/MS Correlation  Yes (ref 1,2)
Sensitivity (50% B/B0)   150pg/ml
Reliability/Ease of Use   
Free vs Total IsoP   Measure free or total IsoP
 Extraction    None, just dilute and run
 Detection    HRP - robust industry standard
 SPE or Immunoaffinity Columns   Unnecessary
 Tech Time    Approx. 3 hours

References available (please ask)

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