We have teamed up with Mologic, a specialist diagnostic development company, to offer a range of high-quality assay kits.

The B.I.T.S.TM ELISA and lateral flow kits are easy to use and provide fast, accurate, and high quality assays, which require no sample preparation.

They contain everything required for ELISA and lateral flow assays, including high quality, stable enzyme or gold conjugates, produced using the world-leading Lightning-Link® conjugation technologies from Innova Biosciences.

The first products launched in the B.I.T.S.TM assay range are the Desmosine ELISA Kit, fMLP ELISA Kit, and the Human A1AT Lateral Flow Kit, with more kits due for release throughout 2015/2016.

For more information on the different kits available, please click on the products listed below:

Desmosine ELISA Kit


Human A1AT Lateral Flow Kit

To order these kits please contact us to request a quote stating the type of kit and quantity you require.


In the meantime if you would like more information about these kits or have any questions please get in touch with our technical support team  at Innova attechnical.enquiries@innovabiosciences.com.

Find out more about ELISA Assays and Lateral Flow in our application guides below:

An Introduction to ELISA

Lateral Flow Immunoassays