Innova Biosciences Introduces Lightning-Link Rapid Bioconjugation Kits
New kits enable customers to conjugate primary antibodies in 20 minutes

Innova Biosciences (Innova), a specialist provider of bioconjugation products and services, announced today the launch of new antibody and protein labelling kits within its Lightning-Link® Rapid range. These kits enable researchers to label primary antibodies or other proteins in just 20 minutes.

Dyes recently launched within this range include high sensitivity Atto® dyes and Cy® dyes. Innova has also released a rapid biotin conjugation kit which allows for extremely quick protein biotinylation. 

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Lightning-Link rapid kits enable the user to label their primary antibody in less than 20 minutes for use in their application. For more information about Lightning-Link Rapid please visit