All our Lightning-Link® antibody labeling kits have been carefully designed to guarantee successful conjugation provided the protocol is followed correctly, but for extra peace of mind we have developed our Conjugate Check&Go! product range. This includes HRP Check&Go!, a dipstick lateral flow assay for confirming the successful conjugation of HRP to an IgG antibody.


The HRP Check&Go! process. The HRP-antibody conjugate is run on the Protein A/G Strip. The conjugate binds the Protein A and Protein G which are concentrated at the Test line; following the addition of the HRP detection solution, a visible line on the strip indicates successful conjugation.

The HRP Check&Go! Kit is compatible with IgG antibodies from multiple species, provided they have affinity for either Protein A or G. The entire process takes just 25 minutes, and requires only small volumes of diluted conjugate.