The LIC vectors are out!

High throughput construct preparation & gene expression
Faster and Simpler

OET launches the enhanced Ligation Independent Cloning (LIC) versions of the transfer plasmids to go with their flashBAC baculovirus expression vector range

Ligation Independent Cloning (LIC)

• No DNA ligases- saves time
• Directional cloning of target gene
• Rapid cloning of multiple inserts into
   multiple vectors
• High cloning efficiencies

Click here for principle of LIC

OET LIC vectors

• Facilitates quick and simple gene
   transfer into flashBAC system
• Driven by polh or p6.9 promoters
• His tag for efficient protein
• gp64 secretory signal to enhance
   protein secretion
• TEV cleavage site for removal of
   fusion peptide

LIC pOET3N_His_gp64