Antibody Array provides a high-throughput platform for efficient profiling of protein expressions.  Our comprehensive Phospho Explorer Array and Explorer Array allow investigators to examine hundreds of proteins in a single experiment, while the Pathway Antibody Arrays and Phosphorylation Antibody Arrays are designed for researchers to study highly relevant proteins in their specific research fields. 

The antibodies are covalently immobilized on high quality glass surface coated with our proprietary 3-D polymer materials to ensure high binding efficiency and specificity.  Each array includes well-characterized antibodies, positive controls and negative controls. To maximize data reliability, eachantibody is printed with six replicates.  The arrays utilize fluorescent detection and can be scanned on all microarray scanners that are compatible with 76 x 25 x 1 mm (3 in. x 1 in. x 1mm) slides. 

How it works


Key Features

  •  Microarray format for high throughput expression profiling protein extracts from cells, frozen or FFPE tissues, or serum samples

  • Carefully selected, well-characterized antibodies

  • Each antibody is printed with replicates for reliable and consistent results

  • 3-D polymer based glass substrates

  • High specificity and affinity; low background

  • Suitable for detection on all fluorescent microarray scanners compatible with 76x25x1mm slides

  • GenePix® Array List (GAL) files are provided for convenient and accurate data analysis

  • Antibody Array Assay Kit provides optimized reagents and buffers for protein extraction, labeling, coupling and detection


  • Protein expression profiling (Qualitative)

  • Measure changes in phosphorylation status at specific sites (Phospho Antibody Arrays)

  • Compare profiles of normal, diseased or treated samples

  • Identify candidate biomarkers

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