pulldownglisaApplications for pull-downs


Measure K-Ras, N-Ras, H-Ras, RhoC, Rac3 isoforms

  • Active levels of multiple Ras- and Rho-subfamily GTPase isoforms can be detected

Complement G-LISA findings

  • Use two different, validated techniques to quantitate active GTPase level.


Applications for G-LISAs


Swiss 3T3 fibroblasts were treated with 1 μg/ml CN04 for the indicated times and cell lysates were subjected to G-LISA activation assays for RhoA (Cat.# BK124), Rac1 (Cat.# BK128), and Cdc42 (Cat.# BK127).

Measure active GTPases in 3-D cell cultures

Measure active GTPases in primary cell lysates

  • Measure active GTPases in as little as 5 µg of total cell extract.

Increase accuracy of active GTPase quantitations

  • Quantitative numerical output in OD490nm units.

Measure active GTPases in tissue lysates

  • Use as little as 1 mm3 of tissue for extraction.


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Increased Accuracy and G-LISAs:


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GTPase Isoforms and Pull-downs:


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Pull-downs Complementing G-LISAs:


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