Simple And Comprehensive PTM Toolkits 



Legend: Schematic showing SUMO 2/3 Detection Kit Assay Flow


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Discovery Tool: Cytoskeleton's acetylation (Ac), ubiquitin (Ub), SUMOlaytion 1 (SUMO 1), SUMOylation 2/3 (SUMO 2/3) detection tools make discovering novel modifications of your protein simple. See publication.


Validation Tool: Cytoskeleton's Ac, Ub, SUMO 1, and SUMO 2/3 toolkits enable simple validation of target protein modifications identified by mass spectrometry proteomics. See publication.


Functional Investigation Tool: Cytoskeleton's Ac, Ub, SUMO 1 and SUMO 2/3 tools can detect endogenous and dynamic PTM changes of target proteins. See publication.


To learn more about Cytoskeleton's Ub, Ac, SUMO 1, SUMO 2/3 and pY detection tools, see our validation data page or click on the links below




Signal Seeker PTM Detection Toolkits


Signal-Seeker™ Ubiquitination Detection Kits (30 Assays) 

(Cat. # BK161)


Signal-Seeker™ Ubiquitination Detection Kits (10 Assays)

(Cat. # BK161-S


Signal-Seeker™ Acetylation Detection Kits (30 Assays) 

(Cat. # BK163)


Signal-Seeker™ Acetylation Detection Kits (10 Assays)

(Cat. # BK163-S


Signal-Seeker™ Phosphotyrosine Detection Kits (30 Assays) 

Cat. # BK160)


Signal-Seeker™ Phosphotyrosine Detection Kits (10 Assays)

(Cat. # BK160-S


Signal-Seeker™ SUMOylation 1 Detection Kits (30 Assays) 

(Cat. # BK165)


Signal-Seeker™ SUMOylation 1 Detection Kits (10 Assays)

(Cat. # BK165-S


Signal-Seeker™ SUMOylation 2/3 Detection Kits (30 Assays) 

(Cat. # BK162)


Signal-Seeker™ SUMOylation 2/3 Detection Kits (10 Assays)

(Cat. # BK162-S