Fibronectin and Laminin constitute the majority of the dynamic portion of the extracellular matrix of tissues and they are essential components of the culturing technique of many cell types. At Cytoskeleton, we pride ourselves on producing highly pure and biologically active proteins, and in this regard we have optimized fluorescent ECM proteins to contain sufficient dye labeling to be easily observable, while at the same time maintaining full biological activity. There are so many applications of these reagents, some of which are highlighted below.  

 rhodamine fibronectin

MCF10A cells incubated with Rhodamine Fibronectin

Legend: Rhodamine fibronectin (Cat. # FNR01) treated MCF10A cells (image kindly provided by A. Varadaraj and M. Karthikeyan, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC).

Gel Analysis of Fluorescent Fibronectins

Legend: Lane 1: Rhodamine laminin (Cat. LMN01); Lane 2: HiLyte488™ laminin (Cat. LMN02); Lane 3: Rhodamine fibronectin (Cat. # FNR01); Lane 4: HiLyte488™ fibronectin (Cat. # FNR02).


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Cited in many peer reviewed articles

Some recent examples are:


Citation 1: 

Smith E.M. et al. 2015. Z-scan fluorescence profile deconvolution of cytosolic and membrane-associated protein populations.   

Anal. Biochem. 480, 11-20.


Citation 2: 

da Rocha-Azevedo B. et al. 2015. PDGF-stimulated dispersal of cell clusters and disruption of fibronectin matrix on three-dimensional collagen matrices requires matrix metalloproteinase-2. Mol. Biol. Cell. 26, 1098-1105.


Citation 3:

Torr E.E. et al. 2015. Myofibroblasts exhibit enhanced fibronectin assembly that is intrinsic to their contractile phenotype. J. Biol. Chem. 290, 6951-6961.


Some interesting applications:


App1: Measuring the effects of metalloproteinase on ECM using Rhodamine Fibronectin (Cat. # FNR01, see citation 2).


App2: In vitro invadopodia / podosome invasion assays (Cat. # FNR01, FNR02, LMN01, LMN02).


App3: Fibronectin assembly studies (Cat. FNR02, see citation 3).


App4: Measuring membrane dynamics in tissue culture using rhodamine fibronectin (Cat. # FNR01, see citation 1).


Also available are biotinylated fibronectin (Cat. # FNR03) and laminin (Cat. LMN03).


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