NEW Signal-Seeker publication in Bioscience Reports

  • Identification of 10 known PTMs from 3 distinct proteins
  • Novel identification of acetylated c-Fos
  • Investigated proteins from the membrane, cytoplasm, and nucleus
  • Targeted high, medium, and low abundance proteins
  • Tracked endogenous, physiologic changes in pY, SUMO 2/3, Ac, and Ub 


Data from the manuscript... 

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Signal Seeker Acetyl-Lysine Detection Tools


(Cat. # BK163) Signal-Seeker Acetyl-Lysine Detection Kits (30 Assays)  


(Cat. # AAC04-Beads)  Signal-Seeker Acetyl-Lysine Affinity Beads


(Cat. # BK 161) Signal-Seeker Ubiquitination Detection Kits (30 Assays)


(Cat. # UBA01-Beads) Signal-Seeker Ubiquitination Affinity Beads 


(Cat. # BK 162) Signal-Seeker SUMOylation 2/3 Detection Kits (30 Assays) 


(Cat. # ASM24-Beads) Signal-Seeker SUMOylation 2/3 Affinity Beads


(Cat. # BK 160) Signal-Seeker Phosphotyrosine Detection Kits (30 Assays)


(Cat. # APY03-Beads) Signal-Seeker Phosphotyrosine Affinity Beads


(Cat. # BLR01) Signal-Seeker: BLASTR Rapid Lysate Prep Kit


Signal-Seeker PTM unlabeled and HRP-labeled antibodies


Signal-Seeker Control Beads