Lightning-Link® is the world’s easiest to use antibody labeling technology that requires only 30 seconds hands on time, and no separation steps, so antibody recovery is 100%. The kits therefore allow you to label an antibody for direct immunodetection offering significant benefits over secondary indirect detection. For instance, direct antibody labeling:

  • Circumvents problems of cross over and non-specific binding of secondary reagents.
  • Reduces the number of incubation and tedious wash steps.
  • Delivers a unique opportunity to study multi-protein complexes using antibodies generated from either the same or different species.


What about the amplification afforded by secondary indirect detection?

In many cases the ‘amplification’ of the indirect method may actually be illusory, as the primary antibody dissociates from the antigen during the incubation with the secondary reagent and during the following wash steps, thus what is actually being amplified is a diminishing amount of primary antibody. Therefore, in many cases the same level is obtained with direct detection, as shown by the following:

indirect vs direct staining