Quantify GFP or RFP by Simple ELISA          
Now you don't need a flow cytometer to quantify GFP or RFP. Our easy-to-use ELISA Kits allow you to quantify GFP or RFP right on your benchtop using a standard microplate reader, with superior sensitivity compared to direct fluorescence measurement.

  • The GFP ELISA Kit is designed to accurately measure enhanced variants of Aequora victoria GFP, including EGFP, ECFP, EBFP and EYFP.  
  • The RFP ELISA Kit quantifies a variety of red fluorescent protein variants including TagRFP, TurboRFP, DsRed, mCherry, mKate, mOrange, mPlum, mRuby, mStrawberry, and tdTomato