Serum proteins comprise several groups of blood-based proteins that serve a variety of functions, and many can serve as potential disease markers. 

We offer a large portfolio of ELISA kits and similar assays for the quantitation of various serum proteins. Read on for further details.


Albumin Assays 

Albumins make up more than half of all protein found in the bloodstream. We offer two kits for the quantitation of albumins in blood. Both assays are quantified in a standard colorimetric plate reader:

  • Our BCG Albumin Assay Kit uses a proprietary dye formulation that produces a color complex when bound to albumin. The color formation takes only about 5 minutes.
  • Our Human Albumin ELISA Kit is an immunoassay that can detect albumin levels as low as 5 ng/m


Globulin Assays 

Globulins make up another significant portion of the protein content in blood, but may also be found in cells. Each one of our Globulin ELISA Kits quantifies a specific globular protein.

Cardiac Biomarkers

Cardiac markers are useful for assessing damage following various cardiac events including myocardial infarctions. Our ELISA Kits quantify these markers in serum, plasma, or cell lysates.


Clotting Factors 

Clotting (coagulation) factors work in conjunction with platelets to ensure the blood clots properly and to control bleeding. 

  • Our D-dimer ELISA Kit provides a convenient way to measure D-dimer, which can serve as a marker for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
  • Our Plasminogen ELISA Kit measures the concentration of plasminogen, a precursor to the active form plasmin that digests fibrin in the clotting cascade.