Creative Biogene provides viral and non-viral vector base shRNA constructs against genome-wide human, rat and mouse genes .  We also provide a custom service for production of viral particles to help you silence your target gene.


  • Guaranteed shRNA knockdown
  • At least one will have a knockdown effect of70% or more at the mRNA level.
  • Optional expression vectorshH1 or hU6 or EF-1a promoter;
  • Fluorescent reporter or antibiotic selection orboth.
  • Fully sequenced expression cassettes
  • All shRNA clones are fully sequenced.

Items on Promotion:

  • shRNA vector set - One set contains four shRNA constructs andpositive/negative control (50 ug/each) withguaranteed knockdown.
  • shRNA lentivirus set - One set contains four target shRNAlentiviruses and one negative control shRNAlentivirus (1 ml/each, 10^8 / 10^9 TU/ml) withguaranteed knockdown.