The One-Step Luciferase Assay System is designed to be used for high-throughput, sensitive quantitation of firefly luciferase activity in mammalian cell culture. The reagent consists of two components, a Luciferase Reagent Buffer (Component A) and Luciferase Reagent Substrate (Component B). Component A and Component B are combined to form a working solution that contains all the necessary components for cell lysis and luciferase quantitation. This assay system has several features: 

• Sensitive – highly sensitive detection of firefly luciferase activity. 
• Stable – the signal output is stable for more than two hours, providing flexibility with regard to incubation time 
• Convenient – simple one-step, homogeneous protocol. 
• High-throughput – one-step homogeneous protocol minimizes handling steps to support high-throughput screening applications 
• Compatibility – works well with a variety of common media containing 0-10% serum and phenol red. 
• Instrumentation – does not require a luminometer with injectors.
luciferase reaction