CD3 - Cluster of differentiation 3

CD3 antigen can be found bound to the membranes of all mature T-cells and in virtually no other cell type. This high specificity, combined with its presence at all stages of T-cell development makes it a useful T-cell marker for IHC tissue sections. The antigen is also present in almost all T-cell lymphomas and leukaemias, allowing their differentiation from similar B-cell and myeloid neoplasms.

CD3 Reagents

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We are one of the only sources for Biotinylated Human CD3 epsilon and Human CD3E & CD3D heterodimer protein. We also offer the hard to find Mouse CD3 epsilon protein.


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cd3Immunohistochemical staining of rat skin tissue using anti-CD3 (2.5 ug/ml)


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