Tissue arrays are a nice technology, especially when you need to test a series of routine pathology tissue blocks for the expression of different markers. Or when you need to analyze tissues of transgenic mouse (or other experimental animal) for multiple markers, in many tissues, on subsequent tissue sections. Using array you can do all the staining in one go, have true subsequent and easily comparable sections, and so on. 


However, usually there is one issue: cost. You either have to use outside services, or wait for Pathology to have gaps in their schedule to take care of your blocks. Because normally even semi-automatic arrayer costs from $ 30.000 up.

Make Tissue Arrays in your own lab. 

When you need them and how you need them.

Now you can make your own arrays without hiring specially trained operator and buying a still semi-automatic machine for much lower costs 


Our manual Microarrayer, together with pre-made recipient blocks, allows you without any substantial cost run this technique in your research group, in the convenience of your own lab.


  different blocks