The well-established Total Antioxidant Power Assay from Oxford Biomedical Research has just been made even better by reducing the cost per sample, providing a broad dynamic range and expanding the range of samples.   This assay allows you to accurately determine the total antioxidant activity in a samples that results from the combined antioxiand activities of all of a sample's constituents, including vitamins, proteins, glutathione etc.  This method is particularly useful for a wide range of biological fluids as well a foods and nutritional supplements.


  • Can be run kinetically or fixed time point
  • Convenient 96 well format
  • Fast results - 41 duplicate samples in minutes
  • Easy to use - non labour intensive
  • Low assay sample volumens - only 5ul of serum per well
  • Any liquid can be assayed - serum, tissue culture media and food
  • Reproducible - consistent high quality performance


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