LC3 is a key protein in the autophagy pathway coded by the MAP1LC3B gene. Once synthesized, cytoplasmic LC3 is processed by Atg4 at the C-terminal, forming LC3-I. Upon autophagy signal, LC3-I is conjugated by ubiquitin-like proteins to the lipid PE, generating LC3-II, which is then translocated into autophagosomes. Therefore, the amount of LC3-II in autophagosome directly reflects the autophagy process. LC3B, a mammalian isoform of LC3, is commonly used as an autophagy marker

Autophagy is not only a natural cell death process, but related to many pathological processes, including cancer, Parkinson's and other diseases. To assist autophagy studies, ABclonal has developed LC3B rabbit monoclonal antibody [KO validated] (A19665), using single B-cell technology

 KO validation 


Product Highlights:

  • Cross-reactivity: Human, mouse, rat
  • Validated assays: WB, IHC, IF, IP
  • High Specificity: WB detected transformation of LC3B (LC3B-II/LC3B-I), IF detected autolysosome, KO validated